VCT - Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training

In response to the challenges organisations find themselves in due to COVID-19, we offer a range of short to medium time frame courses designed specifically to aid our customers during this trying time.

Factors of our success.

Our solution is principally driven by the need to effectively train a growing and more dispersed population in a safe way with controllable cost. We enable organizations to provide valuable learning experiences for employees, customers and channel partners while avoiding travel and accommodation costs and valuable time spent away from the job and to limit all contact as far as possible.

We provide an engaging experience in which participants can connect with the content and interact with both the instructor and other learners.

Successful implementations, visible through high retention rates and satisfied learners, demonstrate that VCT delivery can be both effective and efficient.

Our Technology

Based on comprehensive and scalable collaboration software that features functionality, availability and ease of use. A full range of engagement tools typically includes live facilitation conversation, chat, video conferencing polls and quizzes, all controlled and monitored by facilitators.

Our Content

Designed for the VCT programmes/ courses that we offer, It requires a different approach than classroom or online asynchronous programmes. The instructional design provides the facilitators and learners with mechanisms to communicate frequently and keep the content engaging and collaborative. Learning content are developed with maximum student engagement in mind. To capture learners’ interest and promote retention, our VCT is designed around a comprehensive learning strategy. Visuals and interaction are paramount in our VCT to promote engagement and increasing training effectiveness.


Our Facilitators, are all trained facilitators and subject matter experts. They are also skilled communicators in order to deliver compelling VCT.   The principal limitations to successful VCT are the failure of facilitators to interact with students and manage their classrooms effectively. Our facilitators are trained to facilitate VCT in the most engaging way possible with all applicable tools.

Reduced Cost

Due to the nature of VCT, travel and accommodation costs can be reduced or eliminated completely.